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Featuring Jonatan Szer on percussion, Sebastián Noya on bass and Exequiel Mantega on piano and composition, the Exequiel Mantega Trio incorporates to the standard jazz trio format new compositional languages which draw from the rich and diverse Argentinian musical tradition.

With a repertoire made up of original compositions by Exequiel Mantega, the trio offers a unique approach to Tango, Argentinian Folklore and Latin American Music, combining its elements and developing a modern sound which explores texture and timbre.

All the pieces in this group are completely original, composed by Exequiel Mantega.

Exequiel Mantega


Pianist, Composer, Teacher & Producer.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1983, Exequiel Mantega lives and works in Argentina. In 2012 Editions Henry Lemoine published his flute duet arrangements of Astor Piazzolla’s “Etudes tanguistiques”. As a musician he has participated in over 15 albums, in most of which he has worked as artistic and/or executive producer.
A prolific composer, EPSA Publishing has edited hundreds of his works for different ensembles connected with Argentinian popular music. He has toured over 20 times around Europe and USA with the Fain-Mantega Duo among other projects and has given over 30 workshops on tango music alongside flutist Paulina Fain (current artistic director of the “Método de Tango” book series).
He’s also a funding member of Tango Sin Fin, a non-profit organization based in Buenos Aires dedicated to promoting Argentinian popular music nationwide and around the world. As part of its Board of Directors, he has carried out four editions of the international tango workshop “Tango Para Músicos”/”Tango for Musicians” both in Buenos Aires and at Reed College.
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As a pianist, composer, arranger and/or producer, he has worked with:
Dúo Fain-Mantega (3 albums, 1 live DVD) / La máquina cinemática / Victor Carríón Grupo / Tanguera (Musical theater) / Charly García / Soledad Villamil / Daniel Maza / Alhelí Pimienta (México-Canada) / Marco Granado (Boston) / Trío de las américas (México) / Alberto Cortez (Buenos Aires) / The new youth orchestra chamber ensemble (USA – San Diego) / San Diego Flute Quartet (USA) / Banda Sinfónica de Tucumán (Conductor: Alvaro García – Soloists: Dúo Fain-Mantega) / Orquesta Hypnofón (Alejandro Terán) / Orquesta Juan de Dios Filiberto (Soloists: Dúo Fain-Mantega) / Los Productores (Musical theater) / Eva, el gran musical argentino (Musical theater) / El fantasma de la opera (Musical theater) / Cecilia Todd / Anacruza (Jose Luis Castiñeira de Dios) / Sandra Luna / José Angel Trelles / Magdalena León / Micaela Piccirilli / Grupo Jácara / Orquesta de Jóvenes Compositores / German Gómez / Horacio Berdini / Pedro Rossi Trío / Elena Yarritu (MSR-USA) / Mantega Mielgo Condomí trío/ Armando Duval / Quasimodo trío
Musical training
– Piano technique with Laura Ramírez
– Harmony, Counterpoint, Arranging and Orchestration with Juan C. Cirigliano
– Composition with Rodolfo Alchourrón and Laura Baade
– Conducting with Jorge Fontenla
– Workshops and masterclasses with Antonio D´Racco, Dino Saluzzi, Pia Sebastiani, Stefano Mancuso, Gustavo Beitelmann and Lea Freire

Sebastian Noya


As a member of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango “Emilio Balcarce”, one of the most prestigious Tango Orchestras around the world, Sebastián Noya has performed live in music festivals around Argentina, Latin America, USA and Europe. His musicianship has also allowed him to play with some of the most important artists in Buenos Aires, such as Victor Lavallén, Diego Schissi Quinteto, Aca Seca Trío, Amores Tangos, Andrés Linetzky & Sexteto Vale Tango, Lidia Borda, Julio Pane, Ramiro Gallo and Daniel Melingo among many others.

Jonatan Szer


Eagerness and curiosity have taken Jonatan Szer to experiment with a broad variety of Latin American musical styles by travelling and learning firsthand from musicians in Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and other countries.
He has given workshops all around Argentina and Latin America and at Illinois University (Chicago, USA), Ohio University (Columbia, USA), Codarts (Rotterdam, Holland), Brazilian Explorative Music (Berlin, Germany), Coimbra Conservatory and New Music School (Portugal).
He is currently a high-demand studio musician and is part of the duet Embichadero alonside flutist Diego Cortes.





Vicente El Absurdo 2016 (Buenos Aires / Argentina)
todas las fotos pertenecen a Mario Efron